“Bee Gate”, the first office of the “Bee Real Estate” network in Athens, was created in 2014. The real estate market is a very demanding and volatile sector as it is linked to all productive sectors of the economy. The center of Athens as well as the southern suburbs in recent years have become an international investment destination.

In the years that followed, “Bee Gate” developed dramatically and today the specialized Consultants of the company know in depth every peculiarity of the greater Athens area market. Taking advantage of the knowledge, years of experience, sound training and new technologies, the experienced Consultants stand constantly by the clients offering a high level of services. With quick reflexes we adapt and stay informed within such an ever-changing market.

With our unchanged values, consistency in our principles and creative mood, the vision of “Bee Gate” remains to offer to the real estate market of Athens the best quality services, that same quality that we believe it deserves.

We remain at the disposal of people who trust our partners to offer added value to every transaction of property sale or rental, with great consistency as we do all these years.


Bee Executive was created in 2014 by executives already doing business in the real estate market since 2008.

In just a few years, having gained the trust of its clients, it has managed to develop into the No. 1 real estate office in Thessaloniki with a rich portfolio of property sales and rentals, thus covering a huge range of the Greek and foreign customers’ needs.

It consists of a large number of associates, who with continuous training and updating, are able to undertake and carry out the case of even the most demanding customer.

By working in a customer-oriented way, focusing on their needs, the company has developed a wide clientele from which a variety of options arise from all types of real estate, thus enabling them to cover any possible demand.

Beyond its core brokerage business, Bee Executive has managed to move forward with real estate development offering more investment options.

As the leading office in Thessaloniki, with the support of the Bee Real Estate network to which it belongs and in collaboration with engineers, notaries and lawyers, it aims to meet the needs of its customers with dignity and integrity.

Long story short, it’s time to **Bee Executive** !!!