MORFI has a long experience in the construction of technical projects, and has developed competent and experienced technical staff allowing it to undertake and timely execute major technical projects.

By offering the construction of projects characterized by high quality, aesthetics and functionality, in very fast execution times, with controlled costs, and responsibility in terms of customer service, it creates the possibility for a healthy cooperation.

At the beginning of its course, the company undertook and executed mainly restoration projects, based on the know-how of its people in the field of stone constructions. Based on Mount Athos, it extended its presence to similar projects in the wider region of Northern Greece. Its activities over the years expanded with public and private projects, mainly related to buildings, that broadened its turnover.

Today, it possesses remarkable infrastructure and equipment always aiming to high quality modern constructions. Based on its experience and following the developments in the technological field, MORFI responsibly charts its own upward course in the technical world of the country.


 Private Projects

Private residence in Pefkochori, Halkidiki

It consists of three residences, one on the ground floor and two smaller ones on the first floor. The construction took place on a plot of 3 acres located by the sea. The materials used are of superior quality and the construction was made according to the rules of art and science.

Detached house in Kozani

The place is great. A plot, part of a green slope, which for years is cultivated by the owners to create a wonderful estate, with its own natural environment. Thus, the main concern of the design was the integration – or assimilation – of the new building in that of the traditional mountain settlement. The house is two-storey, has a building of 200 sq.m. and borrows typological and morphological features from the wider region of Macedonia. On the ground floor the main reception area (“ontas”), a guest house and the kitchen (“mageireio”) are developed , while on the first floor the rooms are located, which are areas sunlit by large windows with excellent views. Both inside and outside the house, the elements of traditional architecture have been preserved, such as visible stone construction, wooden ceilings, Byzantine tiles, natural and earthy colors throughout the house.

Private house in Kozani

The house is two-storey building with a basement of a total area of ​​330 sq.m. Both inside and outside the house, the elements of traditional architecture have been preserved, such as the visible stone structure, the wooden ceilings, the natural and earthy colors throughout the house.

Detached house in Ierissos, Halkidiki

In the Municipality of Stagiron Akanthou of the Prefecture of Halkidiki and, more precisely in Ierissos, our company has built a two-storey duplex, with a total area of ​​400 sq.m. The architect was particularly concerned with the selection of traditional typological and morphological features from the wider area and, especially, from the local monastic architecture of Mount Athos. Thus, the architectural-building type that was finally chosen for the composition of the duplex, in the wonderful landscape of Halkidiki, is the wide front, with loggias on the ground floor and the first floor and with traditional ledges on the first floor. These are the characteristic “sachnisia” in Byzantine and Macedonian Architecture.

Detached traditional house in Kozani, GR

The house is located in a traditional mountain settlement and in such a position, so as to dominate over an exceptional place. It was studied and constructed following the classical Macedonian building structure, with the main feature of the complex construction of stone and wood, materials which complement and develop at the same time, in order for the building to function statically. The house is 430 m2, in a C-shaped layout, and has three levels: the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor.

Construction in progress, Thessaloniki

The company started the construction of a seven-story building with a floor and basement at Platonos Str, in the suburb of Evosmos. Storage rooms will be built in the basement, five parking slots will be created in the pilotis and one-room, two-room and three-room apartments will be shaped on the floors. The architectural appearance of the building is extremely impressive. All the spaces are functional and the construction will be take place according to all the rules of art and science.

Construction in progress, Thessaloniki

It is an apartment building under construction located in a suburban yet very central area, within a 10 minute walking distance from the center of Thessaloniki. The exterior design of the building will be impressive with wooden details on the front side, while the different designs of the balconies create a unique visual effect. All the interiors have been designed focusing on the functionality of the individual spaces, combining them harmoniously with the aesthetic aspect of the exterior design. The building will consist of 9 apartments.

Construction of a residential building, Thessaloniki

Completed in 2017

Construction of a residential building, Thessaloniki

Completed in 2002

Construction of a residential building, Thessaloniki

Completed in 2008

Radical renovation of an apartment at Kassandrou Street

Renovation and remodeling of an entire building

The building was built in 1965. The renovation includes the demolition of all its elements while maintaining the load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete. The new layout of the building includes storage rooms in the basement, two apartments and a store on the ground floor, an apartment on the mezzanine floor and from the 1st to the 7th floor 24 apartments in total. The materials that will be used as well as all the facilities will be state-of-the-art (such as thermal facade, energy frames, individual gas boiler, etc.) and will aim at a comfortable stay.

 Public Works

Renovation of White Tower Square

The project concerns works carried out to highlight the White Tower and is analyzed in the creation of infrastructure and special configuration in the area around the city’s landmark, depending on the arrangement of the surrounding arterial roads. The project, with a budget of € 2,055,000.00, was funded by the Regional Operational Program of Central Macedonia.

Construction of the Efksinos Club of Kozani Cultural Center

The “Efksinos Club of Kozani Cultural Center” is a project of special importance both for Kozani and Western Macedonia in general and for the whole Pontic element that constitutes the largest part of the population of the city of Kozani. It is a building of unique architecture that is a jewel and reference point for the wider area in terms of cultural or other spiritual events. MORFI undertook and completed the construction and full completion of a building with a total gross floor area of ​​1473.40 m2, of which: 1473.40 m2 closed spaces on the ground floor and overlying floors 45.76 m2 covered semi-open stairwell spaces 1088.35 m2 closed and auxiliary basement spaces This building, which is a jewel for the city of Kozani, apart from the other spaces, it includes an amphitheater with a capacity of 300 seats, ideal for various events, exhibition spaces, offices and storage rooms as well as an interior covered 18-slots parking area. The specific project had a budget of € 3,017,276.00.

Construction of the Open Care Center for the elderly building of the Municipality of Oreokastro

The project concerns the construction of an Open Care Center for the elderly building for the needs of the Municipality of Oreokastro. The building consists of a basement, ground floor and first floor with a superstructure area of ​​1,504 m2 and was implemented on a plot at the intersection of Vas. Georgiou and Trapezountos streets. The total budget of the project amounts to € 1,100,000.00.

Construction of Open Care Center for the elderly building of the Municipality of Paleokastro

This is a two-storey building with a basement. It has an Open Care Center for the elderly room with a canteen, a theater and other spaces to serve the citizens of Paleokastro. The facades of the building are lined with marble. It is a special construction project in the Municipality of Paleokastro.

Construction of the 12-apartments Military Officers’ Housing building in Didymoteicho

The Military Officers’ Housing building is two-storey with a basement and includes 12 apartments, with a gross area of ​​85 m2, approximately, each. The covering was made with tiled roofs and the vertical service is done with two stairwells which end in flat roofs. The building has an anti-seismic joint, which divides the building into two symmetrical sections of six (6) apartments each, three on the ground floor and three on the first floor. In the basement there are thirteen storage rooms, one for each apartment and one communal, as well as the fuel storage and the boiler room. The surrounding area includes paving and planting. The project budget is € 1,893,357.00 and was financed by credits of the Five-Year Construction Project of the Army General Staff. The project is owned by the Ministry of National Defense and the 732 Military Projects Directorate was the supervisory directorate.

Construction of a Multipurpose Welfare Building of the Municipality of Kalamaria

The building is located in the center of the Municipality of Kalamaria and has a parking space in the basement. Many areas of the building are used by the kindergarten as well as by the Welfare. The project has a budget of € 3,000,000.

Municipal Theater

In the reconstruction of the Municipal Theater of Lamia, the floor of the seats was configured so that each seat has the same view angle to the stage. The ceiling and the side walls received new cladding and a new electrical installation. The stage is rotating with a diameter of 9.4 meters and 18 flies. The number of seats is over 556. In general, the theater project was executed according to 2011 European Union standards.


Monastery of Iviron - Mount Athos

In Monastery of Iviron during the 1990-2000 decade our company executed a large number of projects. The most important of these were the Reconstruction of the Library, the Sacristy and the Synodikon Hall and the reconstruction of the South Wing, with a total area of ​​7500sqm. Several spaces were reconstructed with cross-vaults, with large openings. The construction of the kitchens roof is an interesting project from a technical point of view with slate coating.

Stavronikita Monastery - Mount Athos

The projects executed by our company were the Restoration of the Tower and the Altar, the Restoration of the Southwest Wing, the Restoration of Prostos and Ergatospito and the participation in the geotechnical study and the stabilization study of the foundation slopes of Stavronikita Monastery.

Pantokratoros Monastery - Mount Athos - Maintenance - Restoration of the North Wing

Pantokratoros Monastery was restored by MORFI The maintenance and the restoration of the North Wing of Pantokratoros Monastery was completed in 2001. The wing was formed in office spaces on the ground floor, living spaces (cells) on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor as well as other functional spaces of the Monastery (Synodikon Hall, Despotikon – Bishop’s Quarters – , Igoumeneion – Abbot’s Quarters-, auxiliary spaces, etc.). The total area of ​​the premises amounts to approximately 2400 m². Kitchens were also restored and reconstructed as shown in the photos.

Restoration of Agios Nikolaos Monastery

The restoration of Agios Nikolaos Monastery in Perivoli, Grevena, took place after the collapse of large parts of the load-bearing structure due to the latest earthquake. The construction details that were applied are reflected in the photos. It is a project worth visiting.

Restoration of Agios Athanasios Church

The Agios Athanasios Church in Grevena, GR was built in 1860 and therefore, it gathers many of the cultural and architectural elements of the local area. MORFI undertook and carried out the repair of this church, which concerned both the restoration of existing elements and the construction of parts of the church and the bell tower.